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Being a dual office (County & Circuit Clerk Office), we provide a wide range of services.

The Clerk serves as the clerk of the Circuit and Juvenile Courts and acts as the ex-officio recorder of Grant County.

Administrative duties of the Clerk are to maintain a record of all proceedings of the Circuit Courts and to prepare the dockets for these Courts. The Clerk issues summons, warrants, subpoenas and writs authorized by the Circuit Court for delivery by the Grant County Sheriff. The Clerk also maintains a file of all cases pending with the Circuit Court, as well as a record of all past county cases and their depositions.

The Clerk is also the Ex-Officio county recorder; responsible for recording deeds, mortgages, liens, and surety bonds, and many other orders and instruments which involve property within the county. The Circuit Clerk maintains a record of many miscellaneous items, and files certain licenses. The Circuit Clerk also swears in notary publics.

Being a dual office, we provide a wide range of services not only with judicial services but financial management as well. As clerk of the county court, the clerk has the duty of keeping a regular account between the treasurer with all monies received and credits the treasurer with all moneys dispersed. Additionally, the clerk keeps an accurate account of all financial transactions within the county and files all documents, vouchers, and other papers pertaining to the settlement of any account to which the county is involved and ready for the court's inspection at any time (A.C.A. 16-20-402).

Other duties include but not limited to serving as secretary to the Quorum Court and Equalization Board, Official Voter Registrar of the County, and acts as the Ex-officio recorder of the county maintaining permanent records of such as prescribed by Arkansas law.

In addition to the information posted here, we have included website links to various state offices which may be helpful to you. If you do not find the information you need on this site, please feel free to call and we will assist you.


This website is being provided merely for the purpose of providing instructions as to the procedures of this office and in no way should be construded as advice as to laws. The law prohibits the Clerk and  staff from giving legal advise. If you need legal assistance, you should see an attorney.

Court Fees

•For initiating a cause of action being appealed to the circuit court: A.C.A. 21-6-403(b)(1) - $150.00
•For initiating a cause of action in the circuit court: (Civil, domestic, out of state judgments and all appeals)
A.C.A. 21-6-403(b)(1) - $165.00 - Please note: Grant County is a mandatory eFiling Court.
For reopening a cause of action in the circuit court
A.C.A. 21-6-403(b)(2) - $50.00

For any cause of action which by court order is transferred from any
district or circuit court to a circuit court - $50.00

For filing an appointment to serve as a Civil Process Server - $140.00

For renewal of a Civil Process Server - $50.00

Issuing Subpoenas or Summons - $2.50

Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Release Deeds, Powers of Attorney, Plats, Survey
Plats, Notary Bonds, Foreign Judgments (within the State of Arkansas), Writs of Execution, Lis-Pendens, Medical Liens, Mechanic's and Materialmen's Liens, Federal Tax Liens and any recordable instruments except as otherwise described in this section - $15 / $5 for every page subsequent to the first A.C.A. 21-6-403(a)(1)(A). Act 615 of the Regular Session, 2007

Please Note

A two-sided instrument counts as two pages

Mortgagee's or Trustee's Notice of Default and Intent to Sell - $140.00
Plus recording fee of $15.00 for the first page (1) side only and $5.00 for each additional page.

State Tax Liens - $8.00

Certificate of Assessment - $8.00

Financing Statements (Farming Equipment & Timber only) $12 for the first page, $.50 for each additional page

Continuations, Assignments, Amendments - $6

Terminations (before 1995) - $6

Copies - $.50

Certified Copies - $5


The cost for a marriage license is $60.00 cash. All parties must be present. For identification verification, you may bring with you one of the following documents: a valid drivers license, state issued identification, military identification or passport.

If the parties are under eighteen (18) please contact the clerk's office for further information.

Marriage licenses are valid for sixty (60) days from the date they are issued.


Voter Applications / Absentee Ballot Applications & Designated Bearer Lists / Statement of Financial Interest / Political Practice Pledge / Campaign Contribution-Expenditure Reports

Please Note

Applicant must be eighteen (18) years of age on or before the election date, a citizen of the United States of America and must have an established residence within Grant County. Be sure to check specific registration cut off dates prior to elections by visiting Arkansas Secretary of State website for the most up to date information. 
To download an application for new registration or to change your address, please go to If you are a current registered voter, you can check your voter information by going to

Don't see something listed?

For questions regarding specific instruments for recordation and/or case file status and voter registration, please refer to the email addresses listed under Additional Infomation located at the bottom of this page or call our office during normal business hours.
County & Circuit Clerk
 Geral Harrison                                                 Grant County & Circuit Clerk
Grant County & Circuit Clerk's Office
101 West Center, Room 106
Sheridan, Arkansas 72150
Phone: (870) 942-2631
Fax: (870) 942-3564 
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
(Open during noon hour; Closed Major Holidays)